Wisconsin Center
Milwaukee, WI
August 9-11, 2022


Secure a competitive advantage this year by:

  • Meeting with thousands of IGCs who haven’t seen you in years.
  • Providing IGCs with the ability to touch and feel your items they want in their Garden Centers. You can’t do that over Zoom!
  • Stop making cold calls. The IGCs are there to look for new products. Make yours the one they find. 
  • Building buyer relationships face to face.
  • Attending three free keynote sessions and the Buyer Networking reception!
  • Beating your competitors to the punch by participating in the Garden Center Show for IGCs.

Join thousands of independent garden centers (IGCs) at the new Garden Center Show for IGCs at the Wisconsin Center in Milwaukee. Only a short distance from Chicago but with many added benefits, such as:

  1. Easier to get to, with less traffic
  2. A non-union hall, so you can set up your own booth
  3. Cheaper labor should you need it
  4. Cheaper parking for exhibitors and IGCs
  5. Cheaper hotel room rates right across the street or walking distance to the show
  6. Great restaurants nearby for entertaining your clients
  7. 12-minute cab ride from Mitchell International Airport
  8. The Garden Center Show for IGCs has everything you need to succeed in 2022!


The Garden Center Show is owned by SmartWork Media, a publishing company with eight B2B publications and five conferences/shows in the B2B sector.
Due to the pandemic that started in 2020, there were no shows serving the industry in over a year! While garden centers have seen a surge in sales due to the pandemic, they have found it difficult to find new products to replenish their inventories to satisfy their customers and new services to streamline their operations. With no signs of an industry show happening in 2021, we felt strongly that the industry needed one. Meeting face to face is vital to getting business done and will provide you with more opportunities to meet with thousands of IGCs, more than you can with cold calls, emails and zoom visits.
Welcome to the new Garden Center Show for IGCs.

  • A show where IGCs can find the right products to grow their sales
  • A show where IGCs can learn from experts and industry peers in a newly designed conference program
  • A show that brings together IGCs with exhibitors and other attendees who can help them solve their concerns through the sharing of experiences.


  • 8’ high back drape
  • 3’ high side drapes
  • Company ID Sign
  • Free Product Placement into the New Product Showcase 
  • Company listing on the Website 
  • Company listing in the Show Guide and Buyers Guide 
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the event
  • 24-hour perimeter security
  • Free exhibitor VIP invitation program


  1. Attendee promotions list of over 31,000 IGCs
  2. A comprehensive website that focuses on bringing the IGCs together with the exhibitors
  3. Weekly online show announcements to our attendee promotion list
  4. Scheduled Zoom meetings with IGCs to learn more about their business and to invite them to the show.
  5. Print Ads in industry magazines
  6. A complimentary Exhibitor Invite Program providing discounts to your current and new customers.
  7. Close collaboration with the Garden Centers of America association to provide insight and content for the industry.
  8. Pre-Show virtual seminars to entice retailers to our conference program and the show.

To participate in the Garden Center Show for IGCs, contact Rob Bailey, show director, at (224) 355-6947 or rob.bailey@gardencentershow.com, or Jim Reed show co-director at (224) 688-0858 or jim.reed@gardencentershow.com.